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It's pop quiz time, kids
How does a band that was together for nine years and split up nearly 30 (count 'em, thirty!) years ago keep packing them in at reunion shows, put out a kick-ass CD of new and old recordings, and get their own Web site? Lord only knows, but if it could be bottled, freeze-dried, or made microwavable we'd be rich. And we're not. But we are having fun. So get your butt inside so you can have fun too.

Good Humor Band 2010 Tour is a reality!
It had to happen. The Good Humor Band has hit YouTube, so stop watching the dog that talks, the baby that lip syncs The Macarena while riding a skateboard on his head, and America's Funniest Home Videos Recycled For Short Attention Spans.

- The Good Humor Band at the National Theater in Richmond, VA, December 17, 2010. Joe McGlohon sings T-bone Walker's epic T-Bone Shuffle. [ Watch it now! ]

- At The National Theater December 18, 2010 with Steve Bassett and Robbin Thompson. [ Watch it now! ].

A video has been discovered of the Good Humor Band taken at an unknown reunion. Check out the band playing the infamous Stairway to Gilligan's Island. You can blame Hunter Halder for this.

It's twue! The Good Humor Band was at the 30th Anniversay High On the Hog in Richmond, VA, on Saturday Hogtober 7th. Unfortunately they were rained out. But all was not lost! They played a pick-up gig at Cafe Diem and played Sunday night at Shenanigans. Check out some photos here!

Yuppers. The Good Humor Band played two (count 'em, 2!) big dates in Richmond in February. You can find photos and even a rap (yes, you read that right) by going here. If you weren't there, this is your chance to enjoy it vicariously through the Internet. If you were there you probably don't remember it so it will be a whole new experience for you.

How the Grinch stole the reunion
It's sad but true, there was no Good Humor Band Holiday Ball 2004. Was Joe caught taking steroids hoping it would get him to second base? Was Drake ashamed after being caught lip synching an Ashlee Simpson song? Could it have been Greg's "wardrobe malfunction" last year? Or did Mike and Eggs really run off to San Francisco and consummate their friendship? The truth is here.

What happened to Drake?
Bass player Drake Leonard was Missing in Action during the Good Humor Band Summer 2002 Reunion Tour, being replaced by Audie Stanley and Clark Ball. Not at the same time, of course. Why wasn't Drake there? What was the incredible secret behind his absence?
[Click here for the startling truth!]


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